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How To Harness The Power Of Your Mind To Accomplish Anything

Discover what I learned being weeks away from D-E-A-T-H...

Honest confession: I’m a person of extremes, sometimes more than I’d like to be. I typically only have two levels: absolutely everything I have, or nothing at all. Even when I was younger I was extreme. In elementary school, our teacher brought us into the computer lab and showed us how to build basic websites. While most kids thought this was “cool”, they shrugged it off afterward and forgot about it. Not me, though. I went out the next day to invest in a book on web design (well actually I pleaded my parents to buy it for me...

Are “Poison Drips” Ruining Your Relationships?

Apply this simple strategy and watch in amazement as you begin to cultivate thriving relationships!

“I want to warn you in advance, our Family works differently…” was how the conversation started, as I sat down with multi-millionaire internet marketing mogul Mark Hoverson and his family during the first week I arrived at his home in Gilbert, Arizona. Little did I know this conversation would teach me one of the biggest reasons most relationships are predestined to fail before they even start and a surprisingly simple solution to the problem. Hint: when you read this article to the end you will experience  a state of newfound confidence in your ability to cultivate thriving relationships, not just in your intimate relationships either, but in your friendships and biz partnerships. Are you ready? I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by people who excel in this area. One person in particular who despite running a multi-million dollar business, has the most successful marriage I have ever witnessed. His name is Mark Hoverson (see pic below), and I’m grateful to call him a mentor, friend and business partner. I first looked up to Mark because I saw that he wasn’t just successful financially, but he appeared to be successful in all areas of his life. Sidebar: Most of the time you look at people who are successful financially and other areas of their life are completely off-kilter. They’ve gone through divorce, after divorce, have horrible relationships with their kids… need I go on? I...


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