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Axe Your To-Do List, Here Is A More Productive Alternative

Experience the power of these 2 powerful nuanced questions!

Share Tweet Email Print Have you ever created yourself a to-do list and then afterwards been intimated by it? Maybe even a little stressed out by it? Heck, maybe you’ve told yourself “I’ll cross off that first item on the list after I check my Social Media”, only to realize a few hours have gone by without anything being accomplished. I know I have and it’s because to-do lists are (for lack of a better term) “blaaaaah“. Don’t get me wrong. I think the act of creating a to-do list is commendable, but it’s an outdated technology. In fact, I believe...

Why There Is Danger In Being Even 1° Off In Your Life

3 ways to prevent yourself from getting thrown off course

Share Tweet Email Print If I was to hand you a compass and I told you to go 45 degrees southwest for 1-mile… could you do it? Chances are, even if you have never used a compass before, you could probably do it with only being a few degrees off. The question now becomes, would being a few degrees off make much of a difference?  In this particular example, all would be chill. You would more-or-less end up at the same destination because it was over such a short distance. However, what if a pilot was 2 degrees off his charted destination after...


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