Over the years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on products and services that have helped my transform every area of my life. Some of them have been worthwhile investments, while others a complete waste of my time and money. My aim with this page is to make sure the latter doesn’t happen to you.

All the time I get asked questions like “what products and services do you personally offer?”, “what powers your online businesses?” to “what kind of supplements do you recommend to improve your health and fitness levels?”. So on this page, you will find my recommended resources that I CURRENTLY use and you can as well to improve different aspects of your life.

Typically if you purchase a product by clicking on one of the links on this page, I will receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you). Again, this page only contains products that I believe in and have benefited personally. Thank you in advance for your support!


If you are wondering which products would serve you best based on your current situation in life, or you have specific questions about any of my products shown below, please contact me


INVISIBLE EMPIRE: If you have a business, or WANT to have a business go online, my team has created a step-by-step (click-by-click) experience on how to build a digital empire online EXACTLY as I have. It’s arguably the most complete and transparent course ever produced in the online space.


LIMITLESS: A reality game, sort-of like a real life obstacle course, that forces its players through a series of levels designed to test their limiting habits with money, health, travel, relationships and more!

SOLOMON CEO: Discover the 21 ancient secrets for entrepreneurial leadership based on the wisdom of King Solomon, in this world-renown course.


RENAISSANCE: How do I travel the world for 60 – 90% off Expedia’s best price? You are about to discover my travel secret almost NOBODY knows.


THE GREAT LEMONADE CRUSADE: An entrepreneurial challenge for kids,where they are scored points for building a “5-Star Lemonade Stand”. It runs once a year throughout the Summer. We give away new iPads, Amazon Kindles, new Nikes, Cash, all sorts of stuff to inspire “personal best” efforts. We are ALWAYS looking for more leaders and sponsors.

100 MEN WHO CARE- VANCOUVER: This is definitely not a new charitable idea, but we started the first chapter in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The idea is simple: you give 1 hour of your time (to collectively vote on a charity) and a small $100 donation per quarter. That’s all it takes! Now add 99 other men (guys, dudes, bros, gentlemen, whatever you prefer) just like you and you’re making an immediate positive effect on the lives of our neighbors, by giving $40,000 each year to worthy causes (you vote for). If you live in the local area, consider applying to become a member or sponsoring an event.


ClickFunnels: This is what I use to create high converting sales funnels and capture pages for my businesses to collect email leads and sell my products and services online.

GetResponse: One of the most popular email opt-in and e-mail broadcasting service around. I use GetResponse to manage and send to all of my mailing lists.

Google Analytics: This is what I use to track all of the statistics for my websites, including visitors, traffic sources, etc…


WordPress: There simply isn’t a better blogging platform available… and did I mention it’s 100% free and easy to set up? 

Divi by Elegant Themes: This is the WordPress theme that I currently use for my blog.  It’s very customizable, there’s a lot of cool features, and it’s easy to use.

DISQUS: If you are going to allow comments on your blog, you can’t go wrong with DISQUS. It is super-easy for your readers and allows them to manage comments across many sites without having to sign in every time.


WPENGINE: This is the hosting service that I use for my blog and every other website that I have. You can get hosting as low as $29/month. I realize this is more expensive than typical hosts, but you really do get what you pay for. With WPENGINE your website isn’t being crammed with 1000s of other sites. It’s professionally managed and your readers will experience lightning-fast loading speeds.

GoDaddy: When registering new domain names I always use GoDaddy. Not because they have some of their hilarious commercials, but rather for their customer service and killer deals. You are never going to find better deals on domain names than from GoDaddy (sometimes you can pick up .com’s for only $0.99).

Wistia: If you’re looking to progress beyond free video hosting providers like YouTube or Vimeo, Wistia is the way to go. Not only is it affordable, but it’s designed with video marketers in mind.


UpWork: If you are looking to higher a virtual or assistant or have some programming/IT work done, there is no other service I would recommend other than UpWork. With UpWork you are in control over who you want to hire and how much you want to pay per hour or per project. 

99Designs: This is where I get a lot of my company logos designed. You can create a contest and have people from around the world compete to design the best graphic for you. It’s really neat.

Fiverr: Fiverr is an online community where you can hire people for as little as $5 to do graphic design, marketing and manual tedious labor (such as research or data entry) for as little as $5. 

Are you looking for a completely tailored workout routine and meal plan to help you reach your health and fitness goals? If so, I suggest working with Andrea & Ondrej from Yaletown Fitness. I have been working with them for years to optimize my health and my physique. 


Fish Oil



Greens Supplement

Vitamin D

*supplement descriptions coming soon.


Whey Protein

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)


Digestive Enzymes

*supplement descriptions coming soon.


FitMark Transporter Duffel: It seemed like for awhile I was going through gym bags every few months… that is until I bought my first FitMark duffel. It’s safe to say I’ve never looked back.


Meal Prep Haven ContainersFinding meal prep containers that were BPA-free, Microwave safe, Freezer safe, and won’t break after a few uses wasn’t easy. However, when I stumbled upon Meal Prep Haven containers, it brought peace of mind back to prepping my meals.